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Hello dear wonderful people! I hope you all had am amazing Mother’s Day weekend. I spent it, for the first time in a while, actually lazing about a little. I hope yours was just as enjoyable…It’s really kinda nice to be selfish sometimes. ;} In honor of having a little fun, today I thought I’d share a few of my latest faves.

1. It was the perfect rainy weekend for a few good movies. And I will only confess this, once: Cowboys and Aliens is a pretty good one. If you’re looking for a great, mindless summer flick, then C+A is your rental of choice. I laughed out loud in the theater when I saw the previews, but in my book, Harrison Ford can do no wrong. {Except for that time when he married Calista Flockhart. Because it kinda creeped me out and I was secretly jealous…conflicting emotions all at once.} But I decided to give it a chance, so there you have it. To my point: We also watched The Vow. Because everyone knows you have to balance out the testosterone and sweat with a good old fashioned lurve story.

Channing Tatum is cute and everything, but I found myself totally drooling over these wonderfully amazing set designs. To the point of distraction from the storyline. It’s a little busy for me, personally, but something about it draws me in. Whether it’s the juxtaposition of unexpected materials, or the bold use of color, I think I’m totally in love. Like living in a bohemian handmade anthropology. In a movie about real life. Yes, please.

Check out more photos here, and read about it in detail…{but only if you’ve already watched the movie! You can view the photos without reading the spoiler-even though I’m not sure these do it justice.} She totally owns my dream studio space, btw.

2. On my feet: Yes, I am making a big jump from movie set inspiration to shoes and toenail polish. Because that’s how I roll. See the not so professional foot model? That’s me. I’m sporting my new fave O.P.I. color Designer De Better and these kicks {I scored on sale}. Hurray for freakishly long finger toes! And sales! And fun polish! Just thought I’d give them both rave reviews if you’re in the market! Toe touches and unicorns and rainbows!

3. On our last Ikea trip, I scored these ginourmous pots for a whopping 5.99. And I decided I wanted more of a chunky, whitewashed feel for them. So I played with three different acrylic paints, and had a little fun with a no. 10 flat brush. I simply brushed and blended in different directions, adding a few subtle layers until I was happy with the look. I may still go back for my typical OCD touch ups, but it was a fun little afternoon kinda project. Hint: If you try it, always add dark to light, not light to dark. Your white paint thanks you in advance for saving it. 

4. I see key lime pies in my future. I found my lime trees, baby! These not-so-little guys will eventually be moved to barrels, and this is just the beginning of that outdoor space I’ve been officially rambling about for a year now {More on that later…think (hopefully!) awesomesauce fort + a back porch turned outdoor space kinda redo} Don’t worry…we’re not leaving them beside our front door. We have our work cut out for us…wish us luck!


5. Since we decided we’re staying, we’re taking the first steps to living a purposeful life in our home. This means you get to hear a lot about this process in the future. HURRAY for you! This includes a few overhauls, and project purge {phase one} begins this week. Here’s the question I have for all of you : I was kind of thinking of having a glorified garage non-estate, estate sale {read: I’m a dork} and selling it all. Jamin says no. He’s thinking its just not worth the headache. I know some people swear by them. I also know things need to be priced to move, so I get it. Here’s my q: Do any of you purge, and do this religiously? Is it worth your time? Or should we just donate + go the Craigslist route for the big things? Your thoughts, please. And any nightmare stories you care to share along the way. Because those are always fun. ;}

And that about covers my random list for today. Have an inspired day, everyone!

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Responses to designer de better, key lime trees + hoarders

  1. April says:

    It is yardsale weather! You should totally have a yard sale and really advertise it well. Then take whatever doesn’t sell there and either donate or craigslist. Just my thoughts.

  2. We had a yard sale last spring. It was a total pain in the you-know-what and a ton of work! But we got rid of a lot of stuff and made a lot of money!! And then we still had to take stuff to the new and used. You have to get psyched up for it, and if you are like me, you are uncomfortable with random strangers rooting around your things (even if they are awful things you want to get rid of) but I was shocked at the turn out and the amount we made. Worth it.

  3. That’s it. Now I have to rent The Vow. :) What great eye candy!! And love your toes by the way, a great color! :)

  4. Ali Thompson says:

    We are a military family and move around every 2 years. We purge constantly. We are fortunate to have very organized and publicized garage sales on military installations. The one hear at Ft Leavenworth is huge and they line up at the gates to get in! I think it is totally worth it if you can get the word out or possibly have a neighborhood sale. We always schedule a Goodwill/Salvation Army or even a Veteran’s organization to pick up what is leftover on the following Monday. This last sale we sold coffee and muffins in the morning and made quite a bit off of that alone. Go for it even if you only get a few hundred bucks, that is more than what you had before for the stuff you don’t want anymore. Good luck!

  5. mary says:

    We just had a sale. If it is at your house it is worth it. If you have to lug all of your crap to another location it is a lot more work. List stuff on Craigslist and say they will be sold at your sale. This helped us not have to set times to meet people. On another note. I have the same longer second toe. I think it is the reason I can wear a smaller shoe size then my three sisters who wear 10’s and 11’s, ( we are all 6ft so these sizes are not too crazy) but I am thankful for my big second toe and not big first toe every time the four of us go shoe shopping.

  6. I don’t really have any wise words on a sale, other than that I’d love to give some of your stuff a new home 😉 Don’t think my husband would let me take that long of a road trip sans children, though. Bummer.

    Oh, and high five for the weirdly long toes! I’ve got them too, but my mom (from whom I did NOT inherit them) kindly refers to them as my “cobra toes.” Nice.

  7. Emily Johnson says:

    Have a yard sale…and let me know when! I would love to take some of your stuff off your hands 😉

  8. beverly says:

    If ever have another yard sale, it will only be because I have lost my mind. We had our first one last summer and I was appalled by the rude and insulting comments over our merchandise and believe me, it was not shoddy. I think it must have been their strategy to get a better price, but I went to a lot of sales beforehand just to get an idea how to price things. Since that happened, I will donate to a cause. Never, never again!

  9. Angela Smith says:

    First let me just say that watching “Hoarders” always gets me in the purging mood! I start to have a panic attack, then start throwing everything away. That show gives me the willies. Anywho, I sometimes do all three, depending on how much junk I have at the time. If I have a lot, I’ll do a yard sale. Just one day sale though, whatever I don’t sell I’ll put on freecycle or just goodwill it. If I have bigger things leftover that are worth something, I’ll Craigslist it. By the way…if you like that OPI color, have you checked out Essie’s new metallic colors! Eeek♥! Good luck!

  10. Candace Holmes says:

    I have a question: You said you decided you’re staying? What was your other option? Job change? Location change? Or just the need for a different space? I seemed to miss that part of the story. :)

    • Hey Candace-This past December, we got the house bug because we’re a little tight in our home, and found a great deal on great homes right down the road from us. Then after a lot of heart searching, decided on what we really want, because it just wasn’t for us. You can read more about it here. ;}

  11. Melissa says:

    After seeing you on the Nate Berkus show, and reading the words “yard sale on your page, I got so excited….I wanted to know when and where! Ever since seeing you on the show, I have gotten very excited about making things for my house out of things I find instead of buying stuff to decorate…I want that “handmade home” look and feeling. You have been an inspiration and I am always looking for new ideas from you:) The selfish side or me says GO FOR THE GARAGE SALE:) But understand your husbands point as well, and keep us posted:) God Bless!!!

  12. Beth says:

    Put the nicer furniture on craigslist. You will get more for it. Yard sale shoppers are looking for deals. Yard sales are fun. I have always put up signs, and people ALWAYS comment and thank me for them. Be prepared for early birds. If you have late sleepers, block the front door. Otherwise you might have someone ringing your doorbell if you aren’t in the front yard. Good luck!

  13. Lori says:

    Purge baby Purge! But be careful cause’ you will miss some of your stuff, and you will inevitably see a great Pinterest project that you could have done,if you just hadn’t purged. Second, giveaway purge most stuff and only sell the big ticket items…this will save you ALOT of headache. I just dumped my stuff on the curb, took a pic and posted a “curb alert” on Craigslist…it was all gone in 3 hours! Third, DO NOT have a sale with another hoarder…you will only switch stuff…trust me on this one! Good luck and let us know how it goes.
    P.S. I was totally distracted by the furnishings in The Vow too!

  14. Kelly says:

    You constantly crack me up! I also died laughing at the Cobra toe comment! I will be busting that out on my sister in law who has what I refer to as Alien toes! I can do this because she calls my feet Stubby. Good times.
    I would suggest yard sale, as craigslist creeps me out. Yes total strangers still, but less arranged? Or maybe more traffic.

  15. Marissa says:

    We were just hit with the “new house bug” too. We bought our tiny 3 bedroom house when we only had two kids. Now, baby #4 is on her way and we know that our time here is limited. I’ve been in the purging mode for sometime now. I found a local charity that makes monthly pick-ups. They call or email once a month when they will have a truck for pick-up in the area. Meanwhile, as I’m purging I save it in a box in the garage, then simply leave it on my doorstep on the pick-up day. The two in our area are Houston Acheivement Place and Texas Paralyzed Veterans. A national one is Purple Heart. Some of the bigger and better stuff I’ve saved and sold on Craigslist or at consignment stores. Check and see if you have something similar in your area.

  16. Linda says:

    Have a garage sale. It is great to see your stuff please someone else. You’ll make money and have fun. Expect to barter, be sure to price everything because just as you become busy people will invariably ask about the ‘unpriced’ stuff. 99% of the buyers are friendly and let negative comments go. Be sure to have one or two helpers for taking money, loading or reorganizing when there is a lulll (oh and a potty break or snack break). Plan to start e.a.r.l.y but by 2pm it is all over. Donate leftovers. Put out a box marked ‘FREE” filled with stuff you think you can’t sell. For example a broken toy or partially used paint, cleaning solutions or shampoo you didn’t like. It all goes.

  17. Amy Joffs says:

    I love to do yard sales. Moved from Los Angeles to Yakima and didn’t think I’d do as well here in central Washington but last summer I made $500 and I wasn’t selling huge pieces. Price everything. Go a little teensy bit higher than what you really want because shoppers always dicker. A successful sale requires preparation but with a little sweat, blood and pulled back muscles, you can make some serious dough. Advertisement is key. Put ad in paper and lots of bright colorful signs at key intersections. Have fun!

    • yakmom says:

      Craziness! I live in Yakima. Not everyday you see someone from here on a blog. I abhore yardsales. Yep, said it! You have to have nerves of steel to host one. I never handle it well when someone wants a pair of 50 cent shoes for a quarter! Knowing that I paid $50 for them…lol! One lady was trying to get me to sell about 50 pieces of baby clothes for $10. She was hassling us so badly that I had to go inside the house and leave my husband to handle her. I don’t think I could ever do one again. My husband can, but I just can’t be present. LOL!

  18. Love ’em Hate ’em yard sales. Every so often I go to a local flea market and sell off stuff. I do well, but it’s a pain and I swear I have nothing left to sell, but every year there’s more crap. So I’m doing better to not even buy it. Simple is better in my book lately. I either load stuff up and donate to Habitat or sell some larger items on Craigslist. Depends on my mood and how quickly I want it out of the house. Priced right, it sells. It’s really the free feeling that makes me smile when all is said and done.

  19. Claire says:

    I have long second toes too! In fact, I have never seen anyone else with them, except my mother, who I inherited them from. I actually had a foot Dr tell me that the issue is not that my second toe is long, it’s that the foot bone that attaches to my big toe is short, thus making the second toe longer.

  20. Jen C says:

    I have helped my mom with her annual garage sale for probably 20+ years. It is a lot of work, but I think it’s worth it. Price your items a little over what you want, because they will offer less.I agree with the other com enters that say to Craigslist expensive furniture. You might also want to check Facebook for garage sale groups in your area. I recently found out that there are tons of area garage sale groups in my area and people just post pictures and prices for whatever they are selling. Also, don’t be afraid to say no if someone offers less than you want. If they really want it they will pay your price or someone else will buy it.

  21. I used to try to sell anything and everything of any value, but it takes time, and time=money!

    So now I’ll only sell the big stuff, like a sewing machine, exercise equipment, etc. Stuff I can make some bigger bucks from.

    The rest I donate. Quicker and easier. And then it’s gone. No second thoughts.

  22. Becki Jo says:

    Yard sales aren’t what they use to be. Years ago you could sell a $200 dresses for $50-$75. But now they want to “offer” you fifteen bucks. It’s ridiculous ! Now if you have a local free advertiser (ours is called “The Camden Shopper”) or even Craigs List you would need to make yourself available to show it at your home or, if small enough, meet at a convenient location.
    Personally we prefer to donate to our local “Habitat for Humanity”. They have a very nice “Restore”, very much like the other donation centers, however they do not take clothing so I take them to Good Will.

    Well hope we all are helping you with your decision and good luck !

  23. Jen says:

    I don’t do it often, but it can pay off to go the yard sale route. I’ve made hundreds of dollars off things I just wasn’t using anymore. Also, Craigslist is definitely the way to go for large/high ticket items. Just be sure your husband is around if someone is going to be picking something up and that they don’t have to come in your house to get it, I like to meet them at the garage door.

  24. Tennille says:

    I purge often. With 4 kids things can pile up pretty quickly. Yard sales are a lot of work but can be worth it if you are well organized, well advertised and have lots of good kids stuff, small appliances and furniture/home decor stuff. I think the real question to ask yourself is what do you want more…the few hundred dollars you may or may not make off the yardsale (don’t forget to include all the hours it takes to set up, price and advertise, and then tear down) or the peace of mind of having all the crap out of your house RIGHT NOW!! I love a good yard sale, in fact, that’s how I spent most of my weekend but for me thrifting is the way to go. We put our big ticket items on craigslist (couches, vehicles, equipment) and all clothes and toys get donated to charity. I keep a box on the go at all times and put it in the trunk of my SUV as soon as it’s full. I’d say I take a box every other week. It’s kind of 50/50 but at this point in my life it’s about what works best and that works best for us :)

  25. We are having our first garage sale next weekend. We have a ton we have purged and none of it will come back in the house if it doesn’t sell. I am not looking forward to the people but I’m interested in making some money as there is SO much stuff. Ugh.

    I say have the garage sale …..and blog about it please!!! You won’t know till you try if it’s worth the effort.

  26. Jenn says:

    I’m a little behind on my reading, but wanted to say, I’m one of those people who SWEAR by them!!! The last sale we had was literally a bunch of random junk and kids clothes (nothing very nice – mostly play clothes) and we made $800. The one before that was again, mostly junk – we had one $250 sale of all our patio furniture, but we still made $1200! (That’s what we made, minus a newspaper ad + other supplies – think posters, staples, etc.) I never price anything ahead of time. If there’s anything we don’t want to take less than a set amount on, The Engineer and I make sure we’re on the same page ahead of time…and we wheel and deal and it’s awesome. To me, ALWAYS worth it! Good luck!

  27. Katie Hogan says:

    Hi there!

    I am getting ready to paint my pots and I wanted to know if you sealed your pots after you painted them?

    Thank you,