a super hero sanctuary + a freebie {shared space ideas}

Happy Monday to all you wonderful people! We hope you had an fun break. We’re recouperating from a great wedding weekend, and I can’t wait to show you photos of those {probably coming up next week} But today, I wanted to switch gears and share the first inspiration board we’ve done in a while.

When our friends Todd and Leigh Ann contacted us about their little boys’ {5 + 2} room redo, I got all kinds of excited.

You know we adore those shared spaces, and little boys are just so much fun. They had a few ideas for inspiration, but most definitely had me at super heroes. They only had one major request: a chalkboard wall. So I sat down, and cooked up a little something for clever use in this space.

Before we begin, someone recently asked me about how to do themes well in children’s spaces. When dealing with themes, the trick is to sprinkle it in without being too obvious. So to do that, we stick with two things. 1. Avoid overkill {Overkill, depending on the size of the space, is 4 or more items that feel the same. That being said, remember to vary your usage.} 2. Think vintage. Always, always, always go for vintage. {this can include something like great art (see posters above) with a vintage feel.} That makes your space feel both unique and legit. Timeless. Read: you didn’t go bezerk at the nearest box store and let it vomit into your space. Join the anti box store vomit brigade! {Sometimes, I write the strangest sentences.}

A little bit of the challenge with this room is creating enough space for the boys to play. Any of us who have children are probably laughing right now, because as we all know, storage demands kinda trump all. Particularly when it’s shared. So I whipped up a {very rough} version of their space, and thought I would display where all of these ideas are to go in the overall layout. (A dresser may not be possible, but we’ll get to that…) So without further ado…

First things first {and beginning oh so traditionally out of order}

8. I would love to see the walls in these very super hero-y colors. It’s a subdued version that blends well with the punches of color we’ll use throughout. From left to right: Overall room color: Benjamin Moore’s White Water The chalkboard wall, which will be quite large, would look great and blend well in Benjamin Moore’s Smoke Grey and I’d love to see a shot of this sharp blue in the closet {of all places} Benjamin Moore’s California Blue. 

11. When you walk into the space, a bunk bed, placed sideways against the far wall, would look amazing centered in the room. {Obviously, it doesn’t have to be PB} But I’d love to see it in a fun blue color similar to the closet. Here’s a cheaper version with a trundle {which would be a very smart storage option} They could always purchase this one + paint it, and build a ‘trundle’ on the bottom to look like an old crate. {read: make and slide a crate for toys underneath.} And if they feel up to DIYing their own, our friend Ana White always has some great ideas!

12. Speaking of beds, how amazing would these golden wings look, centered above the top bunk? Very Thor-ish meets Captain America, if you ask me. We actually have this pair, and they can be found in the Nashville Flea Market.

2. + 7. For the bedding, I’d love to see these adorable star sheets topped with this striped blanket {or even a striped duvet in these colors-if I use a blanket, I always layer it with a white duvet for some fluff in the bedding} and folded star quilts. {we have the red and adore it} at the foot of their beds. Note: that if you want a punch of red on the bed instead, go with red on the quilt, and blue on a fun striped rug like this.

3. If you have enough space, a fun old dresser, finished off like this would offer storage and bring in another opportunity for punches of color. And I love this globe!

Which brings us to the closet…

5. When I mentioned blue in the closet, I’m pretty sure all of you were all, “say what?” I vote for taking those doors off, and letting them frame out a small (super secret) alcove for handsome storage. At the headquarters for Super Heroes Unanimous, they keep their stuff in lockers. At least that’s what Super Man told me once. ;} That would mean alternating lockers like these, with a large shelf that goes across the top. (Original image found here) {If they have a wire one now, I’d replace it with a nice white one…or even reclaimed wood} to add more space (and an attractive alternative) for baskets like these and that much-needed storage overhead.

1. + 9. I’d add a little interest to the room with vintage-esque prints like these, these, these, and these. {Spiderman poster found here.}

And finally, remember that chalkboard wall?

 Excusing the quickie illustration, I’d deck it out in that slightly darker grey I mentioned above for chalkboard paint, and have another shelf {either white or reclaimed wood} for posters, books, and baskets to lean. A DIY version with any slab of wood is super easy with the right corbels. {Stool found here-something like this may make a great side table as a place for that globe…} And I’d top it all off with this oh so perfect jewel of a red barn light. 

TADA! So there ya have it! Some detailed ideas for a sweet, shared, super hero sanctuary! Kids are only kids for a little while…and we honestly think sharing rooms is so much fun. ;}

Oh, and I almost forgot…

You guys can download this print for free, here. It’s 10 x 10, so you can download and send it to print somewhere, or shrink it down and print it at home! Simply click on over to our freebies page, and click on ‘Super Hero Print’. Let us know if you use it, and enjoy! {Click here to see the rest of our Freebie of The Month Club collection}

Have an inspired day, everyone!

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Responses to a super hero sanctuary + a freebie {shared space ideas}

  1. Heather says:

    Ash!– you’re like the Phelps of the design world. Once again you’ve nailed it and your ideas are great! Nice job!!

  2. Delaney S. says:

    This room is perfection. I love every single piece you picked. Now If only I had boys! :)

  3. Joanna J says:

    Yes! And I must get my hands on those wings

  4. dawn says:

    love this! i’m getting ready to do my 4 yr old son’s room and i already have a navy blue/light blue comforter. these ideas are great! he has a smaller closet that we could put one locker in-great idea. i had pinned the brother quote too to use in his room and you just saved me alot of work! thanks so much for sharing!!

  5. thefolia says:

    I bet the boys will never want to leave their new room!

  6. Thanks for featuring our Superhero Globe! We create tons of custom Superhero Decor and can ship worldwide! Check us out on etsy!

  7. Carli says:

    I don’t have a little bous room to decorate but still loved reading through this. The logic can be applied in lots of rooms.

  8. Tiffany says:

    LOVE that inspiration board. Make me excited for when my son is old enough to turn his nursery into a big boys room!

  9. Rebekah says:

    Great post!!! Love it…especially because I have two boys who share a room (4 & almost 2).

  10. Liz Delgado says:

    LOVE your whole site!!!

  11. Cindy Cowles says:

    Thank you so much for this offer! I am however, kinda not getting the part about sending it to print somewhere. would you mind sharing how I do that? thanks so much!!!

    • Hey Cindy! You can download it, place it on a disk, and take it to a professional printer for a larger size, or I’m sure they take some files by email if it’s no too large. Just specify your size. Hope that helps!

  12. KEVZ says:

    Hi, I love the superhero printable for my son’s room! I have tried to save the print so that I can upload and print it at a photo shop but am having trouble with how I can save it. Please help:)