brass tacks (brass is back)

The good news my friends, is that brass has returned. (Duh, like two years ago.)

Are we glad?

I guess you could say it never really left.


I’ve had sprinkles of it throughout my home for all of my life, whether intentional (a great flea market find) or not (leftover 80’s not-so-fabulosity)… and I’ve always adored a good aged brass piece. An appreciation for the classics is absolutely necessary. Brass is a dependable staple… it just experiences bouts of all out overkill.

So the bad news, I guess, is for our horrible yellow 80’s doorknobs. (That we have yet to do anything about. I know. For shame.) I keep telling Jamin that if we wait long enough, the trend will come back around… Full on blazen shameless yellow with the fake brass factor. (Ew.) While there are always exceptions (I confess, I’ve spotted some recently) I think it’s safe to say the full on 80’s yellow won’t be happening… in our house, at least. ;}

Yes, I do enjoy eating crow. I think it’s all about the execution.


One of my favorite finds ever for our home, are these lamps in our bedroom. They’re real brass, heavy, old… and they’ve tarnished so much over time you can barely tell now. I think they’re perfect just the way they are. I was walking through the flea market when I happened to look up, and score both lamps for ten dollars. Total. I was all, are you sure this price is right? And the lady at the front was all, uh, yeah. You desperate for some lamps or something? And then I left the store feeling like a shoplifter.


You know that moment when you’re absolutely drawn to a piece? I spied this beauty last February at Rescued Relics and we have yet to install it. I know some won’t agree, but I am madly in love with this piece. It holds those amazing edison bulbs in the big glass globes. It has so much potential, that even if we installed it in this home, I may move it with us to the next. It’s mid century and designed by a local architect. I am head over heels, and we’ve yet to do anything about it… I think I want to know that if we put the work into restoring it, it can come with us in a few years. Thus the not touching it yet… That, and about fifty other projects/jobs/things on the list… Oh the dilemma!

So today, in the grand tradition that is Friday, we thought we’d give you guys a few of our favorite inspirational spaces that sport the brass.

Oh brass. How we have such a delicate relationship. I wanted to break up with you circa 1998… and now I find myself drawn to you again. I’m sorry about that Rustoleum incident. Do you think you can forgive me? What about the rope covered hot glue one? Maybe? Think about it, brass. Just promise not to go full on yellow cheap again… we might just make it.








via the fabulous pure style home


via the late + great domino




Am I the only one dying over this door?






















brass_kitchen copy




Whether it’s subtle touches, or full on shameless classic love… it’s kind of hard to resist.

How do you feel about brass? Did you break up for a while like we did?

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Responses to brass tacks (brass is back)

  1. I love a little brass here and there. It can be funky and classy all at the same time.

  2. It is so funny how most everything really does come back in style. I have been so in love with silver so long but man, I have jumped on the gold and brass comeback line none other. I love how warm this metallic is, much more than silver.

  3. melissa gray says:

    Brass done right is totally timeless! I’m currently looking for a vintage brass wall sculpture – have yet to find one but I know exactly what I want.

    Brass done wrong – like a pair of lamps my mom gave to me, needs to be fixed by a can of spraypaint, like pronto.

    Ok – now I am ready to go thrifting this weekend, in the hopes of finding a light fixture like the one you have – it would go perfect in my mid-century home!

  4. I keep trying to tell my husband that brass is back! This is the perfect proof I need to show him :)

  5. Thank you for making me feel that my brass light fixtures and door knobs are outrageously vogue. Standing a little taller today.

  6. I like dirty, weathered, brown brass, not shiny 80s brass. Which, I guess, if it were still around would probably be weathered and brown by now. But you know what I mean.

  7. kim says:

    Ive loved brass forever.Ive watched it make its way back in interior decor. Glad to see someone else loves it as much as I do!


  8. I too always had a touch or two of brass but it wasn’t by choice… until now. I actually love it mixed with silver and mercury glass. As long as the 80’s yellow faux brass stays in the past, I’ll be enjoying it. :)
    xo Heidi

  9. Love all the inspirations and I think I have all of them pinned already somewhere. I haven’t always loved brass but I have always had some gold in my house.

  10. Stephanie says:

    I love brass in small doses and I think I am a late one on this since we had really bad ’80s brass growing up. But I’m on the wagon now and think it gives a home a elegant touch.

  11. Suzanne says:

    While changing out bedroom lamps in my master I came across some old brass sconces from my great grandma that I had stored away thinking they were ugly. However my mind changed when I found them again, I had my husband change out the wires (they were really old) and I added some small shades and left them tarnished. Such a nice addition to the room!

  12. we broke up for a while, but have been getting back together over the past year. :)

  13. ashley, I love this post & I love brass! I’ve used it quite a bit in our new house. GREAT pictures in the post. Definitely pinning for future inspiration.

  14. Nathalia says:

    I do not mind the look of brass so much, not even the yellowish kind, as long as it’s not overkill. I once worked in a cafe for the summer, where all the decor was leftover from the 80s. They had brass trimmings and all, but especially the brass sink was too much, because it had to be polished weekly.
    What I truly hate about brass-things though is the smell. For some reason, that smell of brass reacting with humidity just makes me throw up.