the yellow house project : the living room

Last week, we were able to introduce you to Lindsey and Clay.

{I keep stealing pics of her facebook profile because I’m a stalker like that.}

And the opportunity they have to be a part of something incredible in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. If you’d like to be brought up to speed, click here to read all about what we are fondly calling The Yellow House Project. We’re fortunate enough to be able to share this with you, and we can’t wait to see all of these exciting things unfold, not only in the small ideas I get to help with in making their house a home, but the wonderful things that can hopefully come from it, the finished product. And beyond…Much further.

This charming little place, with lots of potential will be their new home. And we get to show you our design ideas, right here, before {and hopefully after} they’re all implemented.

First and foremost, we thought we would start with the living room. The front door opens right up into this space, and alongside the kitchen, will be the heart of their home.

So let’s get right to it, shall we? First things first, the bones of the house really are great. I spy a lot of character in the doorways and windows that are hard to come by in modern day homes without costing a pretty penny. If any of you are wondering, the carpet and tile are coming up. They’ve selected some great, practical hardwoods to go in the space. If you have a super eagle eye, you may have already noted the paneling on the walls. Rather than fussing with it for now, I think they can enjoy the added character that it has the potential to bring into their space. More on that below…

I’m doing a series of simple inspiration boards, with ideas to get them going.

I’ll start with no.2. and work my way out, because I want to discuss the paint color first. No. 869 in the BM Classic colors : Oxford White. It’s a very very very soft (almost white with a hint) of grey. Just my opinion regarding this specific case: I think if you’re painting old paneling, it’s best to go with some fresh, NON creamy colors, or else it looks dated and can seem dingy. For the trim, I would choose the whitest white I could find, to contrast ever so slightly with that. Its a cool grey. But when painting paneling, I definitely go with the opposite of dark: its original intention and look. It gives it a breath of beach cottage-y vibes.

1. The fabrics : this is where they white becomes funky, and I think you can really enjoy some fresh, fun fabrics in here, to infuse some real hits of color into the room.

As always: When shopping at, remember to go to major coupons. That is all.

With the striped fabric, and the aqua I think all of these would be fabulous in plenty of pillows for the space.

I love the idea of combining organic shapes with the simpler geometric ones, so you have both your feminine patterns and your masculine, but with those oh so necessary shots of color. I think that simple turquoise panels out of the blue fabric would look awesome with some bamboo shades.  These bring in another texture to the room, and really keeps the whites from becoming too sterile. They offer a little privacy, while still letting some of the light filter in, and at night, Lindsey and Clay can close their curtains completely, for privacy. The bamboo shades would even be a great option for that {very open} front door.

Panels in that blue would be a real wow effect against the white. I’m thinking some simple pinch pleats at the top. I might even use some old copper pipes as hardware, and matching ring hooks to use them with. It can save some major moolah, and all you need is a simple pipe cutter.

3. I would love to see some frames in a gallery configuration, like these in the Ribba line from Ikea. Totally affordable, and make a great arrangement when used in the right space. I’ve used these in our home, and they make a great, simple accent to any wall.

4. Lindsey and Clay already have a couch for their space. But a suggestion for the future: This one is from PB is overpriced, but its the first place I went as a suggestion for slipcovering, and a visual example of the look they could go for. If you’re ever into a bigger project, this is probably the way to go. I would love to see that couch slipcovered. Its a great way to keep everything from becoming too matchy matchy with existing pieces of furniture, And MAJOR bonus for the simple fact that this room will see high traffic: they can easily remove their duck cotton, bleach and wash. TADA: it’s fresh again.


5. A daintier coffee table in this space. Something with beautiful, simple, curved legs, and for such a tighter space which doesn’t allow much room for larger pieces: glass. It practically becomes part of the floor, but its there when you need it. I love the soft curves of this one. I recommend searching at places like target overstock, and walmart, for one with straight legs, or similar to this. If things get too rowdy with lots of guests, they can always temporarily move it out of the way to allow for more space. But it’s a way to keep that feminine graceful element with chunkier couch/recliner combos, and it will help save space visually, as well. However, the trick is finding a STURDY one. With all the activity they will have in the heart of their home, they basically want one that can hold it’s own. I told them to keep out a watchful eye when searching vintage, flea markets, and other areas.

6. For their entryway, their front door simply opens right into their space. What I would love to see is a wall on the immediate right with a built-in foyer appeal, made with some simple ikea shelves, as displayed here. It doesn’t take up too much space, and serves its purpose in a simple way. I think it would be a really fun, functional area for their space. {photo source: young house love}

7. This is actually a dresser we painted last spring. But I think this is the perfect example of the opportunity to use a revamped piece for their TV and use it as an entertainment center. The color is BM’s Wedgewood grey. It’s a blue grey color, and could bring a subtle shot of blue into the room.

If you have any questions about refinishing furniture, click here. 😉

8. This rug is classic PB. Their living room is going to have a lot of heavy traffic. So, coming from someone who actually has one in a home with three crazy kids, I highly recommend. This rug is a great sturdy neutral piece that will go places with them. They can always relocate to another room…it’s a little bit of an investment, but its one of the few investments I agree with. I chose a neutral border so they won’t regret a weird color choice later. A nice classic choice.

9. This side table is just an example, but with all the light in the room, I would love to see a great shot of darker, stained furniture. I also love this hardware for another shot of repeated color in the room: (for the side table)

Okay. And last but not least, I love the idea of using a chandelier over a side table. Think NOT in the center of the room. But a great spot and opportunity to add personality and SWAG! Who says a house used for serving others can’t be infused with great style and design?

So there you have it. The beginnings of the Yellow House Project and their living room space.

Any other suggestions or ideas you’d like to see? Tell us about it! I know Lindsey and Clay are open to ideas! Also, many of you have asked what you can do to help. I have spoken with Lindsey and the biggest thing they can use, since they’re on a budget and looking for smart, simple ways to update  {just like any other young couple in their first house} is Home Depot or Lowe’s gift cards. Let me know if you are interested in helping, or feel led to help in assisting them. This home isn’t just for them. It’s for the community around them, and we can’t wait to see the wonderful purpose it will serve.

Stay tuned for their kitchen vamp up!

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Responses to the yellow house project : the living room

  1. Jenna says:

    I love this. That is all.

  2. Jamie says:

    I think this is awesome. I love the great start you guys have! I love what they are doing!

  3. Anna Jenkins says:

    I just can't wait to see what else you come up with, and what else they do with it all. I think that the idea of slipcovers on their sofa is quite clever since it will more than likely see high traffic with lots of kids. I also want to get my hands on one of those coffee tables. FYI…

  4. Lucy Greene says:

    Of COURSE you had to have the PB rug in there. We've had ours for years and it's held up with four kids and two dogs and a parakeet. :)

  5. Mommy of Boys says:

    Yay for the yellow house! And Lindsey and Clay!