living room revamp : pam’s space

Remember our giveaway last week? I’m pleased to show you the first of a few of our room redos today. When Pam sent me photos of her family room, I knew I couldn’t wait to get started.

First of all, doesn’t her kitchen rock? And I think this living room has some wonderful potential. Pam had some ideas of her own up her sleeves, and so I hope I was able to help launch those ideas into the right direction!

Pam has these great salvaged pieces she was wanting to work into her space, and I think they’re some great finds…but more on that below.

This sweet gal is a busy mom of four children, ages 5-13, is married to a wonderful hubby who is an illustrator and super talented song writer, and they use this space for family time, life groups, and just about everything in between. So of course, the space needs to be functional and appealing. So here’s a little something I cooked up for Pam and her family.

2. I thought I would start out of order (as usual) and discuss the colors, first.

As seen here: white rain, heavenly blue,  stanhope yellow, and chantilly lace. I’d love to see the room decked out in heavenly blue, and the ceiling planked and coated with the complimenting tone of white rain. I think these colors would go beautifully with that wonderful stone fireplace. Pam had mentioned that she wanted to do something like this, and I thought I would find a few inspirational photos to help her along:




A note on that dark beam you may have noticed in the middle of the ceiling in their space: I think there’s something nice to be said about keeping dark wood, to mix with the light tones. I might recommend painting everything else first, and then decide how you feel about it, once that ceiling is planked. But if it still bothers you, then by all means, no strings attached. I would simply contrast it a bit with a shade of white… And it’s no secret here that I’m completely addicted to Chantilly Lace. I believe that either option would work.

6. + 7. As far as her entertainment armoire is concerned, Pam told me she’d been given the green light to paint that sucka! {Ew! Ew! Cue giant succession of celebratory robot dances.} I recommend that she give it a nice complimentary color of Stanhope Yellow, as seen above. You have to see this color to appreciate, but it reads as a nice neutral with a hint of yellow. I’d also love love LOVE to see a contrast on the inside of those cabinets, with a nice striped pattern in more chantilly lace and a bit of stanhope. Simply taped off, it would add some major interest and personality to the entire piece…or even backed in some of the fabric discussed below.

I’d love to see it buffed up with a few of these fantastic knobs…

But before she does any of that, I’d like to see that arch coming down on the top of that piece. If there’s a way to alter it in some way, to simply remove it, without damaging the piece, I think it would really update their entertainment center and give the space an entirely new look. I’d also love to see a set of frames, in a long, skinny style, set above the entertainment center, with that new found arch free space. Something like this would be fairly easy to recreate with salvaged wood and frames…I absolutely love this, and think it would be a great jumping point for her to showcase something personal above that tv.

4. Fabrics for the space are derived from a subtle hint of bright tones, and muted color while also complimenting and contrasting one another. They aren’t straight up “coordinates” but still “go” in my book, bringing a real classic charm to the space. I tend to consider anything over 20 dollars a yard a splurge, and these are toeing the line at the prices they’re listed…but small quantities like pillows make them more doable. And splurgable. And they’re “on sale.” {See five dollar discounts on site as to reason for air quotes…but hey, every bit helps!}

Of course, I’d love to see more of those pretty prints under the window seats in the form of chunky, fun pillows. And the chair she plans to reupholster would look dashingly handsome in some of that green ticking + chantilly lace.

As far as that grey linen is concerned, I’d love to see some panels in the room…but not on the windows.

Here’s just a little sample of what I’m thinking.

Forgive my silly illustration, but I love the idea of utilizing these support beams, so that the space becomes defined on its own, softens the edges, and can be quite fun with things like movie nights for the entire family, with curtains flanking the space. She can draw and position the sheers as she deems fit for the moment, from practically non existent to encompassing the entire room. Pam mentioned window treatments that didn’t compromise their pretty view…and I’m all for leaving them simple and untouched. But she could make that call after she added these around the space, if she was game. I leave the windows for last. {She could even keep it super affordable by using our old copper pipe trick, around the space}

Regarding that sofa: Pam mentioned she had a sofa she wanted to slipcover. If she placed the slipcover one at an L shape in the room, with the leather one they already have, it would provide plenty of seating. Though they are quite the unlikely pair, I think with lots of pillows and varying fabrics, the two can certainly work together in harmony, with plenty of fun seating options for the space.

8. I think that her fireplace is calling for one ginourmous, meaningful creation a-la their own family, and I’d love to see her come up with something like this, in an even larger scale for a simple statement piece over the mantel.

9. That table, the general shape as the one she planned to redo and shown above, would look wonderful freshened up with some chantilly lace.

I’d also love to see a contrasting shape in the form of a smaller round side table and in a natural finish. (The linked one is larger, and I was only using it as an example of the shape) That look of a lamp, she can easily freshen up by spray painting {I spied a few of similar shapes in her room} and she could even jute wrap the shades for an entirely new piece.

1. This may be a stretch, in regards to getting them to take that ceiling fan down {It would be for us, in the tropics of south Alabama} but I would love to see a chandelier like this one as the crowning, one-of-a-kind touch to that space. After reading all about Jen’s how-to, you can see it in her oh-so-impressive space, where she was so kind to guest blog, here.

5. Pam also mentioned turning that fabulous crate (photo seen above) into a coffee table. It would be the perfect space for toys, magazines, and other random whatnots for the room. Just add casters. She could even add a charming personal touch to the side, in the form of a stenciled white number to add personality. {If you’d like to build your own, click here.}

For the major splurge in the space, I’m swooning over this rug. I have an unhealthy obsession with Thomas Paul, and this puppy comes in at an amazing 7’9 x 10’6…I tend to be a freak about numbers, but I hate to admit this: this price isn’t bad for the size, and what you’re getting. If I had a place for it, I would own it already. Just sayin. Maybe I’ll go all shopaholics on you and buy it anyway…drool. K. Probably not.

4. + 10. And last but not least: That leaves us an entire wall in the entry way for a fun, eclectic combination of frames, prints, art, quotes, and everything in between. I selected a few things to get her started, but I think its important that items have emotional meaning, as well as visual appeal. It would be fun for a few pieces of art on old sheet music, since her husband is a musician, paired with important quotes, and moving illustrations…but this is just the beginning and the rest, is up to them…I can’t wait to see what they do!

That about wraps it up for today, whipper snappers! {No, I’m not sure where that one came from. It just felt right.} Pam, I truly hope you can find some inspiration here for your new space, and to all you wonderful readers, maybe the same is true for you. Have a wonderful, inspired, rug stalking kind of day!

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Responses to living room revamp : pam’s space

  1. I LOVE your redo’s! I so wish I had won :) I started my family room makever last week & have been nailing pine to the walls! I love your first picture! I’m also making window seats & good idea you had with some stenciling on the front . Maybe I will do something like that on the front of the window seats :) (your crate box you made). Job well done! Her room is going to look MINT! :)

  2. bekah says:

    Oh cool! Her space will be awesome in no time!

    Have you ever done one of these with a rental? Im wondering what you would do if you cant paint? Ive been trying to look through your archives to see…but with a toddler and newborn my bloggin’ time is limited!

    • Bekah-I have yet to tackle a rental! Feel free to enter our room redo wanna play, where we usually do one room monthly. I would love to take on a rental. The bigger the challenge the better! 😉 I’m a dork.

  3. Pamelotta says:

    Oh, wow, Ashley! I’m so impressed! I thought I knew the kind of stuff you’d suggest and couldn’t wait to see it on “paper” but you went above and beyond. And you’ve gone outside the box and stretched my imagination a bit. I have a tendency to play it safe, obviously, and already I can feel these ideas stretching me. I love it! I can’t wait to sit down with Mr. Park and decide what to do first! Thank you so much for all your hard work! I can’t wait to send you updated pictures of the space!

    • So glad you are happy with it, Pam! I thought I would integrate some of those old map colors you love, while keeping it soft, so you can easily switch out the pops of color you choose over the years, if not seasonally. I hope you find these suggestions doable…if you have any questions, please feel free to ask, and I can’t wait to see what you do with the space! It has amazing potential!

  4. Catherine says:

    You are so talented. And you find such beautiful pictures.

  5. kristina says:

    Do you know the name of the paint color in the picture where you talk about the planked ceiling? I am repainting my kitchen/family room and would love a nice warm carmel color. So far I am not finding the right shade they are either muddy or yellowish. Thank you

    • Hey Kristina! Sorry, I don’t know that one. But try something like Benjamin Moore’s Artichoke Hearts. It’s a few steps beneath Stanhope Yellow, and looks close to what may be in the photo. Something in that spectrum might work for you, and I don’t consider it muddy. I don’t usually go for ‘all out’ neutrals, but this one is floating my boat, and doesn’t seem muddy to me. 😉

  6. Chris says:

    I love what you have showed us so far! I can’t wait to find out how you will use the map. I’m so glad you are helping this mom; what a wonderful blessing this is!

  7. Amy says:

    I love the “new room” you created! I really love that you told us where to get all the items in your makeover. Looking forward to more transformations!

  8. lisa says:

    Where is the pretty tree art from? I love it!

  9. lisa says:

    Found it! Never would’ve expected it to be only 8×10″. Darn, it would make such a statement if larger. Everything you’ve chosen for this room is lovely.

  10. Lindsey Swan says:

    I am trying to pick out a white color to paint my cabinets, and who knew white was so complicated. Since you love Chantilly Lace so much, is that a paint color you would recommend for my cabinets, or should I do something else? My cabinets are 1989 oak ugly-ness. They NEED a paint job so bad!!

    • Hey lindsey! I do highly recommend you get a paint swatch and sample, and try it out. We love it, but I find that some people get a little picky about their whites. so try it out first. 😉 That’s the color we did our living room, kitchen cabinets, and laundry room cabinets in, if you look at our bungalow revamps photos. I hope that helps!

  11. Pam says:

    Another Pam here and BOY DO I WISH I HAD BEEN THE PAM THAT WON THIS REDO!! So here’s the deal, Miss Handmade Home. You have a new stalker, uh…follower! :-) Just love what you recommended to the other Pam, absolutely gorgeous, fabulous ideas. How I wish you did online consultations. If you ever start, put my name first, please. And thankful for young gals like you (grandma here) who know that beauty on the outside, whether it be in our homes or on our person, isn’t what’s most important. Oh, how I delight in His glory when I see young gals who get it. Thank you, Lord.

  12. Megan says:

    This color palette immediately reminded me of my living room, so I ordered the rug from I got a great deal (paid 540) and I am so excited for it to arrive. I had to talk my husband into it, but I have been looking for a rug that I love for so long – not too traditional, not too modern. Love it! Thanks for the idea. I read your blog almost every day.

  13. Jane says:

    Just wanted you to know that your Inspiration Board inspired me! 😀 I did a twist of the photo display for my sis-in-law for Christmas. Thanks for sharing your beautiful ideas!

  14. marie bellavance says:

    just came across this and love your ideas. I need to re-do my living room as well. So I’m wondering do we get to see the finished room with all of your ideas incorporated? I don’t do well putting things together on my own. Thank you!