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Remember our room giveaway from this fall? It took me a while to get to all the winners, as we had two back to back {that was six winners!} and sweet Jill has been so patient with me as we were bombarded with the holidays, but today, we’re back to talk about one of these fun rooms!

The basis of this room is this: that when they first moved into their 1930’s colonial, they were eager to purchase furniture and get it up and running. Now, its not so functional. They really never use this room. The problem is, it has so much potential, but they’re just not sure where to start.

As you can see, the layout makes it a bit of a challenge, between the windows, doorways, fireplace and everything else in between.

Jill mentioned that she would like for the rooms to flow better: from the living room to their dining room. She also has this piece {below} that she would like to do something with. She mentioned that their furniture just didn’t feel like them. Trust me, Jill. I know the feeling. ;} I also know everyone who’s usually here with us, knows what I’m going to say to do with that little conundrum, today. ;}

Sell the things you aren’t happy with, to fund your new space!

So here’s a little something I was able to cook up for Jill: {please bear with me, as I’ll probably ramble completely out of order for a few of these room elements. That’s how I roll.}

And here’s a quick, oh-so inaccurate look at the basic layout for the rooms, so you can get a quick idea as to how to help they flow better with furniture layout. The goal is to keep it looking as open as possible, and pathways free. It also needs to stay practical. The windows and doorways definitely make this a challenge, but there’s a way to get rid of that bulky furniture, and really open up the space. First things first: The color scheme.

1. Benjamin Moore’s Silver Chain {dining room} + Graystone {living room} + Broadway Lights as an accent color {the armoire would make a beautiful piece in this color.} It may look a bit harsher on screen, but I do recommend grabbing up some real live samples to try it out. I’d love to see that armoire as a real attention-grabber in that space, and it’s perfect for storage. These colors are our springboard for this design. I think that the white trim, ceilings, and built ins offer a beautiful contrast to this, and the light floors would help balance it out wonderfully. It would definitely bring a depth and richness to the room, and create a nice backdrop for our design elements.

I love coordinating fabrics. But sometimes, its fun to throw in a few pillows that ‘go’ without being matchy-matchy. I think that these fabrics are a nice touch in that sense, and I’m not sure you can lose by combining Thomas Paul with Waverly. I’d also bring in some simple drapes, with simple lines, similar to the ones that are up in a nice, sheer gauzy white linen for both rooms. These will serve as another contrasting touch to the deeper greys. {I just realized I forgot to include it, but there’s also a window to the right of the dining room table when looking at the layout above.}

3. I’d love to see this sofa {test it out to see if it’s comfy, and worth the purchase, first. But anything similar to this would do!} as a main piece for the room. Jill mentioned they have a plethora of pets and two children. Every household is different, so they may want to look into a washable solution. This is also quite the change from that bulky leather, and I think they’ll see a notable difference once they’re able to trade out that furniture!

A handmade coffee table like this, in a pretty, dark stain, would really make the space.

2. If you’re looking at the layout, you’ll see that there’s a blank, fairly spacious wall next to her new armoire. I’d love to see a handmade instagram frame here, with her children displayed on the wall. It’s a great way to keep the space fresh and fun, without becoming too stuffy. Sized to fit, and perhaps vertical, of course.

4. Speaking of a touch of fun, I spied this arrow when searching for a light up letter on etsy, and decided that this was incredible, and you all need one. I haven’t been able to get arrows out of my head since I spied one in the background of ‘The Green Lantern’ when Jamin and I were watching it one night. Am I the only one who obsesses over interiors in movies? In Harry Potter, I found myself distracted from the plot by the finish on a dresser in the background…but alas, digression. You will see this in my home in the future. MUST. HAVE. I can’t tell you why, I just know it when I see it. LOVE it for this space in between the two windows where the main sofa will sit.

This print would be a great, simple touch on one of those vacant walls. You may recognize this work as Amelia’s from Me and My Bright Sides {I was able to show off a little of her home/work this summer} She has some fun new prints out, and you might all want to take a gander.

5. This rug just may be one of my favorites ever. As is this online site with a great variety of choices.

6. + 7. For the mantel area, it was a bit of a problem in the old room layout. I think some chairs like this, {originally available on etsy, but to find an old pair and have them reupholstered would probably be your most practical, unique + affordable bet} positioned like this:

would really make the space.

As far as the mantel is concerned, I love how it’s already prewired for sconces. I would totally do some like this:

Paired with an incredible mirror [ideally vintage which is quite possible in a diligent search digging through flea markets and online] like this:

Regarding the fireplace: Of course, I would totally take out the brass part of that fireplace that you can see in the photos above. It kind of dates it back to the 80’s/90’s and it’s vintage in a not-so-awesome way. I would definitely paint the walls first, to see how that brick works with the color…it has a schoolhouse charm to it. And if it doesn’t vibe well, I just might {Don’t flog me, brick purists!} paint them a nice contrasting white, as well, for an aged look.

8. For the dining room, I thought I would touch a little on some design elements for it as well, to help it flow from one space to the next. Those are some great built ins, and I think she should totally put a back on them with this grey grasscloth. 

and then deck it out with some fabulous dishes…a real collection she can start over time, like this. 

Aren’t these fun? See how we’re starting to tie the spaces together with a variety of color? More shots of blue in the dining room! These have me swooning.

9. Wrapping it up, I’d love to see a farmhouse table in the dining room space, like this. 

On top of a seagrass rug, {great for any eating area for stain resistant cleaning} and an awesome chandy like this.  Yes, it is pricey. But I’m sure a similar design won’t be hard to find on overstock, etc. It brings in a modern touch and hint of glam to contrast with those earthy, dark elements. 

So there you have it! A room redo for a couple of spaces with lots of potential, and a chance to help their space flow! I can’t wait to see what they do with it, and I hope these guys can use these ideas as a springboard to make some changes and move forward! I see visions of great family times and awesome entertaining in those two rooms in their future!

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Responses to living room inspiration board : Jill’s colonial

  1. I loooooove that arrow! The cord trailing down the wall would drive me nuts but I still love it.

  2. Jennifer Talley says:

    Is the grey paint silver chair or silver chain?

  3. Jill says:

    Ashley, thanks so much it was SO worth the wait! Love, Love, Love it!!!! Can’t wait to get started!!!!

  4. Katie says:

    This is a beautiful room design! Glamorous, yet fun and casual… the best combination ever. Great job!

  5. Laura G. says:

    Oh my goodness, I saw that arrow in The Green Lantern too! Haha!
    I love this design. I’m loving gray lately, and this is gorgeous!

  6. Fi says:

    If you like interiors from movies you need to read the Design Sponge blog. Once a week they have a series called ‘living in’ where they select a movie and do a feature on the design of it, including a bit on pieces you can buy that are close to whats featured. I am sure you can browse through their archives to find a whole bunch of them.

  7. jaime says:

    Great design! I’m pinning the arrow. :)

  8. amelia says:

    oh my GOSH ashley!!! i’m SO flattered! thank you so much for featuring my print! you’re a GEM :) i’d also love to find out about advertising on your blog. i’ll message you!

  9. Isabella W says:

    LOVEEEEE this room redo!!