holidaisical hooplah (a few diy christmas ideas)

So after all the prep and then the craziness of last week, and on the heels of that, Thanksgiving, followed by traveling, chased with a few good doses of much needed Emergen-c to fight off the inevitable allergy/sinus drama that followed (All this fun can wear a gal down. I will never go without my new secret weapon again. Run to the store as if chased by zombies and purchase said product. You will thank me later.) All of that was an absolute blast, but we were left in the wake of exhaustion. (Why yes, I do have a flair for the dramatic.)

Confession: Because I was exhausted, I was planning on putting off the holidaisical apocolypse (which has now morphed into a holidaisical hooplah at our house, if I’m being honest) until later in the week. But the kids were begging. So…

Fighting off my urge to retreat to the bed and watch Sleepless In Seattle for the fiftieth time, we busted out the Christmas tunes {What’s a good holidaisical hooplah freak out session without Doris and Frank and a few dance parties in between? (With a little Sarah and Maria and Celine… and maybe Backstreet boys if I’m completely honest…)} Suddenly I was all, The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear! (Anyone?) And we brought down everything from the attic.

In that moment, I secretly made made two promises to myself: 1. Nothing new – I was looking forward to projects past for our main decor – and 2. Let the kids help. And when they help, don’t touch. A control freak’s greatest exercise should be in not going behind one’s children on the christmas tree and adjusting their oddly placed ornaments.

Let it be. Let them be. I may have twitched a little.

And we had the best time. So today, I thought I’d share a little of what we’ve been up to in the Mills Hizzy. Nothing snazzy. Just a little good old fashioned {perhaps somewhat wompy} holiday cheer.

This is our tried and true wreath I use throughout all the seasons. All you need is a wreath form, fabric scraps, and some hot glue. I simply switch out the embellishments. It’s probably been gracing our door for two years now, and I’m just not tired of it.

We made this fun centerpiece last year, and we’ve used it though out the seasons on our dining room table. It holds flowers in the spring, and usually a little bit of this for Christmas.

Like our mirror? It’s one of my favorites in the space right now. You can read all about it with a step by step how to, in our book. While I’m on the topic of shameless plugs, Handmade Walls is also filled with one of a kind ideas you could use for great Christmas gifts if you’re in a crafty mood. Just sayin’.

Pssssst… our giant frame… it’s in our book, too. We love this (not to little) installment.

Shameless plug time is now over.

I have an obsession with wooden wings. The top pair are golden and can still be found at the Nashville Flea Market. (The big one, at the fairgrounds.) The larger ones are from decor steals so keep an eye out, because they usually repeat. I may or may not have spazzed when I saw these.

We made our barn door last year. And our chalkboard. We’re using it as a giant countdown this Christmas. We may end up ticking off the days the closer we get, because Emmy asked if Santa was coming tomorrow… Side note: I gave that little star on the top to Jamin thirteen years ago when we were dating. It was his first birthday for us to celebrate, and that little star was kind of a joke. It still lights up. it’s probably one of my favorite pieces. I’m a sentimental sucka.

The kids each have their own personal Christmas trees. Aiden and Malone share one in their room. They have a blast decking it out with their own ornaments.

Emerson loves hers as well. We made this garland last year, and it ended up migrating to her space.

Of course our driftwood star needed a prominent place.

I was kind of at a loss for what to do on our kitchen table this year. So I broke out some remnants from our Thanksgiving tablescape. We had some tangerines leftover from our shoot, and I loved the little pop they gave against the green. They are slowly being devoured. Those are some branches from our Christmas tree, with little glittery ornaments sprinkled in the middle. I may or may not have rescued them from the yard before Chloe could chew on them…

Which brings me to…

The tree… We love a live tree. We love the smell. I don’t mind the mess. There’s something a little unpredictable about those branches. We may have rescued this one. He’s a little wompy. Notice our space? Since we’ve moved the furniture outdoors, it’s empty. {It’s about to become a multifunctional room, and I’m brainstorming up the wazoo… but in the  meantime, I like it just as it is. Empty. It will probably be that way for a while…} To read more about our simple star garland, click here.

Outside, we did a few lights in the front. I feel like we have a little makeshift ‘manger’ in our back yard. We’re still enjoying the cold weather and fires outdoors… (a how-to on those shutters, coming tomorrow!) It feels quite Christmassy around here.

It’s amazing how a few decorations indoors can cozy up a space. Here’s to celebrating the season, and a little simplicity!

Have you guys decked the halls yet? Leave me a link in the comments-I’d love to see. Have an inspired day, everyone!

nester_tour_of_homesCelebrating with the fabulous Nester’s Tour of Homes today! Check out this link for some wonderful eye candy!!! ;}


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Responses to holidaisical hooplah (a few diy christmas ideas)

  1. Girl… for being exhausted your Holidaisical Hooplah is out in full effect! Looks awesome!!

  2. Jenna says:

    This is gorgeous. I love everything about it. Getting mine together, now! :)

  3. Layla K. says:

    I LOVE that mirror!!! Your colors make me so happy. What an eye!

  4. ali thompson says:

    love that natural easiness of the decor. well done!

  5. I am so thankful to see I’m not alone in believing Christmas doesn’t have to be red and green. Heavens! I am using canary yellows, golds, naturals, tangerines and hints of gray (I started to say shades of gray, but I didn’t want to go there…). :0) Confession: It wasn’t my ingenious idea to go with this pallet, but it is what I have and I also made a promise to myself this year to…(say it with me) SIMPLIFY.
    Thanks for sharing – You have a spectacular space there, Lady!

  6. Cheyenne Morris says:

    Just wanted to say ‘Hey’ and tell you how much I adore your precious home! I soooooo wish my house was like yours!!! I can never seem to get myself motivated enough to get it organized and cute, and homey like yours! :-) Too sweet!

  7. Ginelle says:

    Our family has those exact same stockings from PB Kids. Love them, but they drive me nutty how they won’t hang straight. They are always hanging turned one way or the other. I know this is a minor thing to obsess about but what can I say. Do you do anything to make yours hang correctly? Just wondering!

    • Hey Ginelle! I was just actually thinking how obnoxious they are not hanging correctly in that photograph! ;} I usually just twist the little ties until they hang in the same direction. I have a love hate with these things. ;}

  8. Joy Haser says:

    1st off- I didn’t know until this post that your little girl’s name is Emerson, which is so beautiful and one of my favorite girl names :) 2nd, did you make the stocking holders? I’m not sure that’s the right way to phrase it, but I love the patterns and the letters you used! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous home with us!! And I love following you on instagram! :)

  9. thefolia says:

    Wow, pretty impressive little ones! I especially loved the little manger against that gorgeous southern skyline!

  10. Kelsey says:

    I am so jelly of your night time pictures. What settings were you using?

  11. Debbie says:

    I love your fireplace and kitchen. where did you get the wire baskets?
    such a great idea to use all year round.


    • Hey Debbie! Those are from One King’s Lane. I originally purchased them as gifts but I hadn’t checked the measurements, and they came in much smaller than expected. They make great pieces on my table! Wasn’t that convenient for me? ;}

  12. Donna says:

    It’s beautiful! Love the simple touches. You may have inspired me! Now I need to get moving on our Christmas decorating! Ha

  13. laura says:

    We have used EmergenC for years!!! We swer by it also!!! :)

  14. jenni says:

    love eveything!!!

  15. cassie says:

    it looks amazing as always! your home always looks like such a happy place to me!