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Hello wonderful people! And now for a short derailment of thought:

Little factoid of the day: Did you know that I was looking at my WordPress dashboard yesterday and I realized at the last minute that this is our 1,000th post? And I chose this to blog about on no. 1,000. I’m a dork like that. It’s important in it’s own way, but I kinda feel like it’s lacking in the balloons and confetti department. I mean, I’m referencing toilets. And toothbrush holders. Thus the irony of it all.

Because I was “a mom blog” before we started doing this home gig (the home stuff gradually filtered in and took over our entire life two years ago when I started doing this full time-think in terms of the alienoid black stuff that sticks and turns spiderman-so I’m never really sure when to celebrate the great blogaversary) I’m not sure it counts. But in my world (read: tiny bubble) it’s a little landmark kind of victory. I feel like I should have a celebration or something. A parade. With stilt people, acrobats, fire blowers, carnival dancers and scary clown faces. Can we throw in Enrique Iglesias?

Or maybe I’ll settle for just telling you. It’s kind of a big deal to keep going this long, right? (Crickets.) Okay. Let it be known (if I live long enough to hit 2000) we shall celebrate with a big partay a-la Oprah’s Favorite Things, here.) And if you guys stick with us, you will probably need a psychologist but whatevs. Today, I shall eat a cupcake. Or two. With sprinkles. Digression in the realm of brief histories via The Handmade Home. Sometimes it’s just fun to reflect… The end beginning.


Today, I thought we’d include a simple post for a dear friend of mine who has been wondering what she should do in a shared bathroom for her 5 and 3 year old kiddos. Yes, we were long over due for a new and improved fun little inspiration board… so today we have a little eye candy!

Spaces like this can be a bit tricky when they’re for both a boy + girl. But in my world tricky = the most fun. I think the key is to make it something they can really grow into. These kiddos’ current bathroom is a nice little space with a whole lot of potential, and today I thought I’d discuss how the simplest of things can change a smaller room for the better.

Sometimes (believe it or not) no major overhauls are needed. Just a splash of color + texture… And you have some instacharacter.

10. We’ll begin oh so traditionally (out of order) with the paint colors for these walls. The space is divided by first the two vanities, and then a separate room for the toilet/bathtub area. So we thought why not make it a duotone (as far as paint colors are concerned) kind of space? We love Benjamin Moore’s Wedgewood Gray (for the bathtub area) + Pearl Gray (for the vanities).

1. These basket ensembles would make the perfect little hampers and storage areas for any of those bathroom necessities.

2. Their cabinets are already a pretty creamy/white and these knobs in an eclectic combo would give it that old world, collected over time, mixed feel to it all.

3. + 12. Replacing both the overhead light in the shower area, and the lights over the mirror with these delicately classic sconces give it a pretty little unique touch.

4. The shower curtain is the main attraction of this space, and I adore this play on colors in a striking combination for boys + girls. I’d love to see a display of two, pulled back from the center for a great, storybook prepster kind of look.

5. This art is simple and charming.

6. Any bathroom mirrors decked out in a combo of fabulous trim from Home Depot and secured with liquid nails (or maybe even hot glue-shhhh) and finished off in a pretty paint color would add instant architectural interest. I’d love to see these finished off in a blue stripe in the middle with white on each side to carry out that nautical feel.

7. I just can’t get enough of these turkish towels. More stripes add to the young feel of the room and they’re available in nearly every shade imaginable. Mix them in with some of these solid hues and let them become part of the decor in those fabulous baskets shown above.

8. For the rugs, I’d love to see these charming little grey mats at the foot of each vanity, and a beauty like this in the main (and blue) bathroom area.

9. A simple holder like this is the perfect, ample drying rack for the new fun, shared space.

11. Need help corralling all those bath toys? Of course we had to throw in a little subtle chevron… And last but not least, we adore this little toothbrush holder. It may actually encourage some brushing… confession: I think I want it.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much in the way of simple changes to make a huge difference in smaller spaces like a bathroom.

What’s your favorite element? What would you recommend for a small space that you’ve had experience with? Particularly a bathroom? We’d love to hear!

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Responses to shared space ideas : the bathroom

  1. Janet L says:

    This is super fab. Loving everything you chose!

  2. Rebekah T says:

    Love your wonderful ideas and that it doesn’t scream “kids’ bathroom.” Great eye candy for any bathroom or room for that matter!

  3. Jenna says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! I want it all!

  4. Shelley says:

    Oh my gosh, the overhead light and the hippo toothbrush holder are my favorite! Pretty sure my little one needs that hippo :) Great inspiration board!

  5. Rhonda says:

    Oh my cuteness hi want that little hippo holder too! Great inspiration board!

  6. Tennille says:

    I’m totally getting that toothbrush holder. Right now my kids are using a canvas box from ikea. So lame-oh! That little guy is cute and the perfect shade of blue to match my kid’s bathroom. Love it! Hopefully our Canadian urban outfitter has one.

  7. Story maxwell says:

    I need to know where to purchase this shower curtain. I want to do everything on this board in my kids bath.