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Hello lovelies! We’re back today with a little bit of an inspirational post of sorts :}. Our niece Harper is ready to move into her big gal room, and we decided to kick around a few ideas to help get her started! It’s been a while since I’ve tackled one of these fun boards, and we were overdue to dream up some more ideas! So without further ado…

Harper’s big gal room is probably something she will eventually share with her little sis, Scarlett. You may remember her nursery we helped put together last year, from this post:

We were thinking along the lines of something that would flow easily in terms of color and feel from one room to the next… And a few of the furnishings, or the ideas behind them, would also be easy to duplicate for two.

Similar but not the same… and a little more grown up. and here’s what we cooked up for Harper (and her shared space in the future)!


1. When I spotted this wallpaper a while back, I was swooning. I think it would be perfect in their space as a bold accent wall, paired with a quiet color like Behr’s Irish Mist to really make a big impact. It’s a quiet white/grey that’s easy to accent and update with fun, bold colors.

2. The combo of a green dresser like this beautiful creation by Barb of Knack, and this mirror from Ballard… I don’t usually go for the starburst look, but I’ve been smitten. Especially with the two combined! Statement maker much?

3. A fun flush mount light like this one keeps it fresh, modern and classic all at the same time. Who can resist some aged brass in trellis?

4. Aren’t floor poufs like, a requirement with a little girl? Especially in a future shared space? I see plenty of slumberpartypillowfights in the near future…

5. I love lamp. And this not-so typical garden stool are a delightful combo.

6. Of course, lots of art like these from our freebies series.

7. Organizational baskets are a must have for any little’s space, so use the opportunity to bring in a natural tone with great texture and interest.

8. And every little girls’ room should have a plethora of these. I need some Nancy Drew to be added to this collection. ;}

9. This rug is bright and bold and a fun inviting contrast to balance out an otherwise quiet space. It brings a lot of personality to that forgotten “fifth wall”.

10. For the bedding, I chose a multi-layered rich and fun look with a basic approach, so that if something sells out or doesn’t work out, she can still stay within the same tones or ideas. Rooms are something you add over time, and they can also get pricey. So it’s smart to give and take where you can… But I love a good, richly layered bed.

For the main layer, we love this yellow coverlet for a punch of yellow in the room. And midway, to tone it down, keep it interesting and balance it out, I’d love to see this quilt layered with this simple throw at the foot of each bed.

The pillows can be found here (yellow) and here (diamond print).

11. Finally, we adore this bed. It brings in a touch of natural to balance out all the color, and a lovely contrast to all the fun brights + pastels. This one isn’t a twin, and she would need two. But it should be a great launching point for basic ideas!

So there you have it. Some fun and basic ideas that are sure to liven up a space for your little one! Items that would look great duplicated, and that are flexible in the process of creating a room.

Hurray for fun colors and pretty textures!

So have you guys tackled a space for your little ones lately? We’d love to see! What’s your fave piece here?

Have an inspired day, friends!

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Responses to inspiration board : big girl room redo

  1. Anna says:

    LOVE this!

  2. Layla K says:

    Adoring all that color! You’ve done it again 😀

  3. Brittany says:

    Beautiful room! I would love to check out the details on the green dresser, but the link provided takes me to the Anthropologie wallpaper 😉 Just FYI

  4. Linda says:

    love it! it is so fresh and happy!

  5. JT says:

    Oh so lovely! Those colors have me swooning. I just so adore your style!

  6. Colleen says:

    The room is adorable! I love the mirror, but the link is for the Anthropologie wallpaper. I would love to know where it is from… Thanks for sharing!

  7. Sarabeth says:

    Such a fun design for a little girl. And, I love the green dresser!

  8. Barb Lewis says:

    would you share the paint colors shown please. thanks so much……this room is adorable, feminine and grown-up. this will be fun to watch evolve over time when Scarlett moves in.

    • Hey Barb! Are you talking about Scarlett’s nursery? If you click on the link above, you can see the details and read all about them in a separate post. I hope that helps. The aqua on the inside of their cabinet was something they had in their home… A custom mixed paint. It was very close to benjamin moore’s madison avenue. And the rest of the deats are in the post. ;} I hope that helps! Thanks! ;}

      • Barb Lewis says:

        Ashley, I think I had a senior moment! What I saw as paint colors are really the pinwheels prints. I love the background colors on those and thought they were paint chips! With your sharp color eye maybe your could give me some guidance on suggested colors. Thanks!

  9. tara says:

    great all the colors…you guys do color exceptionally well. :)

  10. Kyla F says:

    I love this Ashley! The wallpaper and dresser are my favorite. Do you use a special software to create your collages? I use polyvore from time to time to make collages myself, but yours are always seamless. Thank you!

  11. I love the inspiration board, and the whole post for that matter! What beautiful spaces, wish I had a little girl to decorate for… but am thankful to be blessed with my two sweet little boys:) I can dream through your ideas instead…
    Krista @thehappyhousie

  12. So many cute things! I love the pinwheel art!