backyard bliss {a little inspiration}


After this post {attack of the man eating pecan tree also known as Bertha} (a.k.a. The one where I bemoaned our current non-landscaping situation, and made a plan we have yet to tackle because of the killer Alabama heat) I received quite a few messages from you guys asking to see more back porch inspiration.


Can I just pause to say you guys rock? Seriously. You give me the best inspiration for my inspiration. Yes. I am a total dork.


I think that since our back yard landscaping plans have hit a small weather-induced (read: we-don’t-want-to-die-of-heat-stroke-temporary-delay) I could look at back porch inspiration all day long.

For instance, If I had a pool, and decided to build a spiffy outdoor shower, I would totally need a pool house. But my pool house wouldn’t look like a pool house. It would look like this. And I would be all, “Heeeelloooo neighbors! I know you’re totally jealous of my mad awesome pool house. But you’re invited over anyway.” {yes. I would scream it over the fence.} And we would have Mexican fiestas by the pool.

But now I’m rambling. A sweet gal named Mabry recently wrote:

“HELP. I loved your post on the back yard redo, but I need help! I’m on a tight budget, and we’re in our first home. I have a concrete slab. No shade. No fence. What do you suggest for someone who wants to create an outdoor living space but doesn’t know where to begin? Do you have any suggestions? Thank you!”


First of all, I think we all know the simplest of ways to create instant ambience on that slab-o-concrete so many builders are oh so fond of. {hand slap to the builders}


I know that pergolas can be intimidating and scary and overwhelming. And expensive.  That’s why Jamin and I wanted to create a simple one for our back yard, and still fully intend to, for a more modern look. Check it, here.


I think we all long for spaces like this. The super uber fabulous perfect spot for entertaining guests. When in reality, we probably need to save up some more moolah before we dive in with something huge. So in the meantime, what’s a gal to do?

via pottery barn : build it via ana white


There are clever ways to entertain with fabrics, tarps, and other options, that provide excellent ambience.

For a temporary solution, fabrics can suddenly take the place of an expensive roof.

We all know its a gradual process, when on a budget for decorating a home. But sometimes those give us the best outcome.

Tarps, established in the coolest of ways, can provide instant coverage from the blazing sun when entertaining guests.

smaller retaining walls also provide a little privacy from the nosy neighbors. :)


Want some outdoor furniture but not sure you can cut it in the budget department?

scavenged pallets suddenly become one of the coolest of options.

Need something affordable for underfoot? I can’t think of anything more affordable, with instant interest and character, than the simple process of paint and stencils.

But without further ado, I decided to create an inspiration board for all of you out there who may be interested in making some instant ambience for their totally lacking back yard space. With a few handmade options, simple purchases to add shots of color and character, and even some basic shapes you can be looking for on your regular flea market perusals. You’re in good company. This board is for you!

1. Totally doeable and oh-so-amazing, a garden shelf like this would add instant character to that bare back wall facing your bare back porch. Double bonus: provides entertainment countertop and garden storage, all in one. I suddenly want to build one.

2. Using this as our inspiration…

Simple garden baskets like these, can turn into a fabulous pendant light with the help of a pendant lamp conversion kit and a little know-how.

3. This rug provides the perfect texture and remains tough underfoot since its outdoor grade.

4. Don’t have it in the budget for a full blown privacy fence? Handmade trellises like this would be completely delightful in it’s stead. The perfect spot for climbing perennials.

5. Loving these lights via pottery barn, or any like these.

6. + 11. For furniture, a round table with rustic charm would be wonderful paired with some metal chairs like these. Something similar in shape would be nice to find when “on the hunt.”

7. This back yard garden kit is super cool…or make your own without the kit {here.}

8. Fabrics. Totally make the space. For the cushions or the tarp, or everything in between, this outdoor fabric paired with a fabulous striped oil cloth kind of make the space with instant personality.

9. I am in love with these pots. That is all.

10. Of course, every back yard needs a hammock. And there should be a rule about string lights requirements.

I hope these little finds crank your lawnmower, plant your perennials and get you a little excited about enjoying your outdoor space…even if it may come a little after the heatwave of summer…

What are some of your favorite additions to an outdoor space?

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Responses to backyard bliss {a little inspiration}

  1. Shayna says:

    Loved this post!! I added several of these to my Secret Garden pinterest board. :) Thanks so much for compiling such inspiration-filled pictures! :)

  2. I am totally inspired to get busy on my dock. This is filled with great stuff!

  3. Tons of great thoughts here! We’re contemplating a pergola over a portion of our back deck… thanks for the eye candy today. :)

  4. Reyanna says:

    LOVE this post!! Thank you! I pinned the heck out of it! 😉

  5. Erin says:

    Awesome post! I especially love those Anthro chairs-double darn that they are kinda $$. I almost spit coffee out reading the previous commenter’s comment: “I pinned the heck out of it!” hahah 😉

  6. Mary Grace Hawkes says:

    Where can I find the blue/green/yellow striped fabric in this post? I am looking for something just like it for my kitchen windows. Thanks!