scarlett’s nursery tour {nursery inspiration}

Hello to all our favorite people…we hope you had a splendidly restful weekend! We’re super excited about this post today…it’s been a long time coming.

If any of you remember this past spring {read: right before things got insane with summer} we were able to hop up to Nashville, and put together our little niece-to-be’s nursery. The challenge: to create a stylish space for baby, in a weekend. Yes, we felt a bit like we were on a design show because it was all crammed into a few short days, due to time constraints and schedules. But we had a blast, nonetheless. If you guys are friends with us on Facebook, you may know our little beauty of a niece was born just a couple of weeks ago (I got all excited and announce-y and stuff.) We were able to see her last week and we loved every minute…but we also finally shot that space!

I have to say, children’s spaces {and places for children} are our absolute favorite. Of course we have a passion for all spaces, but there’s just something about rooms for wee ones that get me ten kinds of excited. So we jumped at the chance to help with Scarlett’s new abode.

Their guest room was transformed into Scarlett’s nursery. As we all know, it can be a little challenging to help our homes evolve as our families grow. It’s a chance to re-think our spaces and make them work for us. This room was a bit of a challenge for a nursery, because as you’ll see, we had 1.5 free walls to work with…and quite a few pieces of furniture to settle into the room.

So we started out with this room…

As well as a dresser Cristin scored at a flea market + a few hand me downs because I’m not really ready to completely part with them pieces from us. Are you ready? Get excited!


The walls were given a fab new look with Benjamin Moore’s Whispering Spring. {This is the same color you spy in our kitchen.} Yes, I am in love with it. Let this space be a testimony to the power of paint. It feels twice as large now, don’t ya think?

We gave her dresser a fresh lease on life with a coat of Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace + Silver Song. Cristin found this fabulous rug here for a shot of fun on the floor.

Scarlett’s bedding, came from this adorable store, here. 

I really do adore a simple Jenny Lind. In all of it’s forms. You may recognize this crib from here, but you can score your own, here. {you can remove the casters + little plastic thing that comes on the rails-they slide right off for a more authentic look} That glider and table were the pieces formerly known to reside in Emerson’s room, and the quilt was a piece Cristin’s mother had made. Yes, please! Nothing beats a good quilt. ;}

One of the major challenges while we were there that weekend, was finding a shelf for a wall where the bedroom door opens, and the closet doors were sitting. We literally had about fifteen inches of space in that one area, but Scarlett needed a little storage beyond the closet. And let’s face it: I think every nursery needs a spot for display. So after coming up empty handed at the flea market, we shopped her house, and brought this old fella {a piece that’s been in her family for years} upstairs for a fitting.

He (I’ve named him Harold} was perfect, so we gave him a fresh coat with more Chantilly Lace, a splash of aqua on the inside, and some new knobs. Styled and situated, he’s now sitting pretty in Scarlett’s space.

We kept things affordable by taking the repurposed and handmade route. From the furniture to the lamp, the only things “new” are the fabulous bedding and rug…but you’d never know it. {To read more ideas about how to make a mobile, a handmade garland, one of a kind sign, easy peasy nursery art, embellishing curtains, or a fun lampshade…feel free to click away!}

As a result, we think it gave the space a one of a kind charm.

I was able to hold sweet Scarlett this past week. She whispered with a smile that she loved her new nursery and felt totally inspired . She’s super advanced like that.

Isn’t she beautiful? These gorgeous shots were taken by the über talented Sara E Rose photography. If any of you awesome people are looking for a photog in middle Tennessee…we’ve got your girl! ;} Be sure to check out more of her beautiful work!

Big sis Harper is so excited!

We hope you enjoyed her little tour…if you have any questions, just ask away. Thanks so much for stopping by + have an inspired day!

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Responses to scarlett’s nursery tour {nursery inspiration}

  1. April says:

    I love that adorable nursery! That baby girl is precious too! So lovely and I had no idea babies r us still sold Jenny Lind cribs!

  2. JP says:

    This nursery is gorgeous. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Jenna Joy says:

    I adore all the handmade elements here! That bedding is gorgeous. I have got I try that blue color in my own home. Love it all!

  4. Amanda Peacock says:

    Super cute, Ashley! Now how bout some help on big boy rooms. That’ll be my next project! :)

  5. DaNelle says:

    I love it! When we adopt, I would love to make our nursery like this! Thanks for the inspiration!

    DaNelle recently posted…A Weekend without kids & a new FAV frozen yogurt place!

  6. Gorgeous nursery! It’s hard to pick my favorite part but I love the sweet hutch. It’s turquoise interior and knobs are just beautiful.

  7. Kim says:

    Oh my goodness. Everything about this room is just sweet as sweet can be! I love the curtains and the rug.

  8. Kellie says:

    I used to live near the lottie da store. The owner is so creative and nice! Glad you were able to incorporate some of her fabulous bedding into this room.

  9. {amy k.} says:

    so sweet! i love the combination of bright and soft colors… so adorable!

  10. What a beautiful room! I love the color scheme and am drooling over the rug. We just painted our dark brown guest room Benjamin Moore’s Maritime Blue for our baby girl’s impending arrival, and it truly is amazing what those two coats of paint did to visually enlarge and brighten the space.


    Thanks so much for the inspiration. I was already planning to use Whispering Spring (from your Easy Peasy Curtain post) in our re-do bedroom. We have a surprise baby boy on the way who is going to share a room with his big sister (four-year-old). Coordinating baby boy with big sister is not easy. I am tempted to go linen with light blues and brown pinks but color is what floats my boat. Actually the etsy lady who made your niece’s bedding is one of the ones I am trying to use. Thanks for the inspiration again. And if you want to make suggestions for sharing rooms like this on a budget (twins of the opposite sex would certainly be easier than a baby boy and big girl????), I’d love it! Thanks!

  12. Isn’t she the sweetest! The nursery is perfect! So many great details, she will love it!!!

  13. Kathryn says:

    The nursery looks as sweet as that little niece that you have! What a lucky little girl to have such a talented aunt to spoil her! Congrats!

  14. Lisa says:

    Annnnd….posts like these are why I LOVE your blog! 😉

  15. T says:

    Love the room and LOVE their names. In fact I have a 4 year old Harper and a 2 year old Scarlett!!! We are pregnant with our third….. Since we have the same name preferences, any suggestions? 😉

    • Cristin Malone says:

      I guess great minds really do think alike : ) I am Harper and Scarlett’s mommy, so it’s really cool to hear there’s another Harper and Scarlett out there! Do you know what it is that you are having? We do have a few other names on our list of “just in case we do end up having a third baby one day” that I’d be happy to share if you are interested. However it does sound like you do a pretty amazing job in finding the perfect name for sweet little ones if I do say so myself ; )

  16. The crib bedding, the revamped cabinet, the use of a feminine, soothing color palette– I love everything about this room. Scarlett is one lucky little girl to have such a beautiful space that you clearly put so much thought and love into designing for her!

  17. GORGEOUS. You did an AMAZING job!!!!

  18. Christine says:

    Yes, you should be in a design show!! The sheer number of genius handmade elements – in a weekend? U must be exhausted! :) love this, wish my girl can have a room like this!!

  19. Joy Haser says:

    Every detail is beautiful!!! I need to ask about that fabulous lampshade though- did you all make the embellishments on it?!? I think there may need to be a tutorial! Also, all the gorgeous fabric in her fabric garland, where did you get those?? I want to live in this nursery!! :) I also love the name :)

  20. Deborah Deaton says:

    Oh my goodness! What a gorgeous nursery! It is just beautiful for such a precious little baby girl and it fits her name completely! Your work is so refreshing and it reminds me of a “breathe of fresh air how it makes the soul sing”!

  21. Sam says:

    What color paint did you use for the inside of the hutch? I LOVE this room! Adorable! Also, do you have a tutorial for the letter S wrapped in yarn?

  22. Reagan says:

    Super cute room. Love the mix of colors/fabrics. I may be a bit biased because I have a daughter named Scarlett Harper. Too funny!

  23. michelle says:

    never a cuter nursery!!

  24. Elise says:

    I am AMAZED! I cant believe you did all of this in a weekend. It is absolutely perfect! You have impeccable taste. I love this sweet nursery. Thanks for sharing!

  25. miranda hogan says:

    Where did you get the lamp? I absolutely love it?