the georgia aquarium, lego land, epical moments and death by spork.

I know that lately, I’ve been all, sharing and stuff. But the Mills family has a lot to be thankful for in the summer months. ;} With an anniversary and two birthdays, July + August keep us on our toes with celebrations.

Seven years ago on August 16th, Aiden Taylor Mills arrived. And our lives were instantly changed in ways that I never knew they could be, forever. I fell head over heels for this amazingly wonderful blessing of a beautiful tiny baby.

I look back and I think, where has the time gone? It’s true what they say. Don’t blink.

No, those aren’t photos of Malone. Yes, apparently our genes mixed together are fairly uninventive, and aside from a slight tweaking of the eyes and chin, my boys are exact replicas. ;}

It’s always mixed emotions on these days…a celebration of the beautiful person my children are becoming, and a little longing for days gone by. I’ve watched him transform into a kind, thoughtful, smart and handsome sweetheart of a little boy. He really lights up my world. I have one amazing seven year old.

We are so blessed.

All sappiness aside, because the boys’ birthdays are so close {34 days apart} we’d planned to have their parties together. I assumed this was the first…and last year they would ever agree to do it. Our plans quickly morphed from a camping party, to a star-wars-lego-spider-man-water-balloons-mario-brothers-camp-fire-knights-with-swords-nonsensicalpalooza kind of event. They couldn’t make up their minds.

And then we had a brilliant idea (because we’re smart like that.) We let them choose. For their birthday, they could: A. Go on a (small) trip of their choosing {which we would subliminally place in their heads} or B. Have a cray cray party. They whole heartedly went for option A.

We loaded up the kids and made a five day extravaganza of it. Starting in Atlanta at Lego Land…You would have thought it was Disney World.

They have a lot of tables, as you can imagine, of Legos. Legos everywhere. Malone didn’t really get the whole concept of rotating and leaving previous creations behind to do something new.

He’s in that awkward stage between 2.5 + 3.5. You know, The one that steals away your preciously easy going child and replaces them with a small mutant ninja teenager. It makes you question your entire existence as a parent. We’re in the full blown throes of it, actually.

We might have what doctors like to call a little bit of a hoarding problem.

No. Seriously.

I guess you know what we bought him in the lego store that day…

Lego Land had brilliant displays, like a mini reproduction of Atlanta. The mad skillz it takes for these life-like replicas kind of blow my mind. Do they use super glue? From race car stations, to giant play areas… It was a blast for the kids. We’ve decided Aiden will either be an architect, or a professional lego builder. I guess only time will tell.

Once we pulled Malone away from stand off over sole ownership of all farm animal possessions with another mutant toddler…

We even spent a little time in Centennial Park, and the splash pad. If the splash pad were the sole purpose of our trip my kids would be all, “YOU ARE THE BEST PARENTS EVER WE LOVE YOU FOREVER CAN WE LIVE HERE? SQUIRREL”

We don’t get out much.

And of course, we topped it off with what we meant to do earlier this summer, and were finally able to visit the Georgia Aquarium.

We’ve been a few times prior to this. Though worth it, it’s always a real madhouse knocking people over and escaping within an inch of your life just to see a couple of piranhas glare at you through the glass. Something worth mentioning, is that we scored night tickets. We saved 75 dollars. And let me just tell you…

There. Was. No. One. There.

No, really. Remember how I told you about the time I worked at Disney? {cue: nerdfest admission + one claim to fame} This was like when the parks had closed. Only the workers were left to clean up. And at one epical moment, I was the only person left standing in the middle of Main street. So I did what any (semi) normal person would do, momentarily losing all inhibitions and moved to inspiration by the twinkle lights: I did a sound of music move. You know. The classic hands out and spinning around… Because there was music playing in my head and I felt like the chosen one.

So it was that great. No obnoxiously large heads to block my children’s view. No waiting for that photo op window. No sudden urge to stab the person next to you at lunch with a spork for being a loud phone talker. Just sayin…

I tell you this because if you plan to take your fam, pre-order your tickets and wait for the night option that they offer in the summertime. If you can, go in the middle of the week. Let your kiddos get a nap, and head out at about 5:30 (our tickets said 6 and we even got in early) It will be worth the wait. I promise.

So after Atlanta…

We made a beeline to Nashville to get our hands on that sweet new baby Scarlett and play with her big sister Harper.

I even had baby fever for like, 2.5 seconds. No seriously. Real live I’m-not-putting-her-down-until-someone-gives-me-another-one, baby fever.

And then I remembered how nice it is to have all three of mine (almost) potty trained. And (almost) sleeping in their own beds all the way through the night. All I know is that when it’s time to go somewhere, Aiden is now in charge of brushing everyone’s teeth, and buckling everyone into the car while I get dressed. And that, my friends, is a real game changer.

It’s funny how you can totally forget. That momentary desire comes back, and your body is all “Awe, babies!” So then you punch it in the throat and tell it to shut up, because you have to pay for braces, insurance and college. Three times over. Hurray!

Yes, we had a redneck fest in the back yard. Naked water games and popsicles are our kind of fun.

Yay for fun little summer trips + time with family…it’s amazing how long it takes one to recover from such shenanigans! I feel old.

Anyone taken a rando fun road trip with your kiddos lately? Anyone else having trouble getting back into the swing of things with school? How about a momentary relapse of baby fever? ;}

Have a happy, amazing weekend, everyone!

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Responses to the georgia aquarium, lego land, epical moments and death by spork.

  1. April says:

    Love this post and looks like a fun trip! And no party to plan and produce!

  2. love the idea of a trip instead of a party. Seriously, your kids are so cute. SMILED from ear to ear at your hoarding boy!!!!!!
    – {dar}

  3. Jenna Joy says:

    Hysterical. And I love your tips for the aquarium.
    Hurray for last summer hurrahs!

  4. JP says:

    Sporks! That is all.

  5. Charity says:

    LOVE this. I can’t tell you how many times I laughed. That is hilarious. I wish I could see a replay of that sound of music redo. Nice.

  6. Anna Belle Young says:

    We want to take our kids to the aquarium this fall. Wonder how long they will carry those hours over? I love this idea. Lego Land looks fun, as well. Your commentary always makes everything better!

  7. You a second I thought you had gone to Legoland Florida and not called us!! We will have to check out Lego bliss in Georgia next.

  8. Squirrel! Haha, love that!

    That trip looks like so much fun, and I wish we’d been able to do a trip with just our family this summer. We just went to meet our daughter’s new teacher this morning, and I’m definitely having some major “don’t blink” moments this weekend. How can my tiny baby girl (who’s actually my oldest) be ready to start preschool?! Make it stop!!!

  9. Megan B says:

    I had to smile because my son was totally a hoarder when we’d go places at that age too! I sometimes wondered if he was even having fun because he would spend so much time just trying to keep all of the dinosaurs/trucks/animals/etc that he’d gathered in his possession.

  10. Christine says:

    My girl’s bday is 5 Sept & I still don’t know where to go but have been toying with the idea of legoland – new one in nearby Malaysia (I’m from singapore). Cannot decide between a party or a, I definitely know – the trip :). Your family is adorable!!!

  11. What a wonderful trip!! You’ll love these pictures forever. And I’m sure your boys got more than their birthdays’ worth of fun!

  12. Girl, let me tell ya that we just had our 3 (ages 3 and under) nieces out for a morning at the playground, then the petting zoo and then over for a late afternoon of swimming in the pool and I am utterly exhausted! All you moms out there (and dads) deserve and big gold star for keeping it moving. I have one day with the kiddos and I’m ready to ship them home :)

  13. Aw looks like you had so much fun! What a smart idea to hit the aquarium at night… especially in the summer, it can be craziness around there. Aren’t you glad the kiddos chose a trip like this? So much fun!

  14. Kathleen says:

    My sons birthday is also August 16th and he turned seven. We had a hot dog/ marshmallow roast…..I’m not sure who enjoyed it more…the kids or the adults ! We even had rolos and peanut butter cups to put on our smore’s……delicious ! We put our tent up for the kids to play in and they had a blast, my dad said that it was our redneck version of a bouncy house ! The kids were exhausted, sticky and dirty but boy did they have fun .

    Great tip about going to the Aquarium at night, I am going to check and see if the Newport Aquarium offers evening hours.