big love : there’s an app for that

Happy Thursday, wonderful people!

So it’s really no secret that I love a good app. Don’t we all?

But my very favorite, is Instagram. I mean, we practically paid tribute to it in our living room. It’s a wonderful way to connect with old + new friends, and share instant, pretty little images from throughout your day. Are you on?

It captures the little things. The things that make our days special. The things that pass in an instant, and might be forgotten…if it weren’t for our handy little extensions known as a phone. Phones really are a curse and a blessing…all at the same time.

It captures the things you do with your loved ones daily…to make it special.

I posted a photo recently, about something seemingly little and trivial. It was about putting pretty wrappers on our kiddo’s muffins that morning to make their day a little brighter. Sometimes I feel silly about it. Maybe they won’t even notice. It’s the little things. And a friend wrote this:

It really made me think. How often do we do little things, without even realizing it? On the flip side of the coin, how often do we miss the moment to do little things? Especially the ones that are a big deal to our children?

Those little moments…they’re fleeting.

It’s a nice reminder, and it also kind of holds me accountable.

So (with Pam’s permission) I decided to turn her strikingly truthful statement into a pretty little printable. A nice reminder…that the small things aren’t always silly. A nice reminder to do more of those little things. A nice reminder that we won’t always have those little moments.

What’s something little you take the time to do, for someone you love? What’s something little you can do more of?

These puppies come in three color choices, and print out at a 5 x 5. They would make great gift tags for something little. And a nice reminder for all of us. Want them? Simply click over to the downloads page, and look for “Big Love” in coral, yellow, or green.

To see the rest of our freebies, click here.

Have an inspired day, everyone!

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Responses to big love : there’s an app for that

  1. Janet S says:

    I love this post & what a clever quote! :) I love the little things. I let my kids eat out of their favorite bowls each morning. And out little notes in their lunch boxes. Makes my day better knowing they have a little love with them! 😉

  2. Bridget says:

    This printable reminded me of Christ. The biggest Love of all came down and dwelt in a little baby. And now the biggest Love dwells in us. Big LOVE truly does dwell in little things.

  3. JP says:

    LOVE it. How adorable are those photos?

  4. Laura G. says:

    I saw this comment on your photo, and I am glad you made this printable so quickly! This post – with your Instagram collage and this printable – have inspired me. I want to do a collage, with that printable in the middle. I am kind of obsessed with taking pics of “little things”. Photos literally document my life. And I have a large blank wall above my TV just begging for a big ol’ collage of Instagram photos. 😉 Thanks for the inspiration!!

  5. big love!!! love it, girl.
    and I am so phone lazy….. so my instagram sits unused. :( maybe I need an iPhone???
    Oh, hubbyyyyyyyy………………..

  6. Emily says:

    i love this! thank you :-)

  7. Kelsey says:

    Thank you for this post.

    I’m only 23, but for the past year or two my mind has been clouded, negatively, with the DREAM of moving out into my own place. My boyfriend and I are in a serious relationship of 3 years and are looking to live together. You know how women go through that “biological clock” thing where they desperately want a baby? Yeah. That’s what I’m going through, but instead of a baby, I want a house.

    I graduated college in May with a degree in Graphic Design. Got a full-time job, in my field nonetheless, only 5 weeks after graduation. Then my boyfriend got a full-time job. And now I’m like, now what? Why don’t I have a house yet? Why is my life sucking and moving so slow? Why do my friends, who got knocked up at 18, have their own places but not me? How are these kids who have NO jobs getting houses? What am I doing wrong? Am I not good enough? Will life ever start for me?

    I tend to forget I live in Massachusetts – one of the most expensive states to live in – but seeing my friends posting their new places all over Facebook makes me so jealous. How are they doing it an not me?

    I have four jobs in hopes I’ll save enough for a downpayment sooner rather than later, but it’s taking too long. I have been so impatient with this, that’s it clouding everything else in my mind. I don’t want to spend ANY money – I think, “well that $20 for that shirt can go to my house fund. If I spend it, that’s $20 less than I would have had.” Not to mention I have student loans out the butt to pay off, which is making everything harder.

    I’m forgetting the little things, which were always the things that kept me the happy person everyone knew.

  8. Ailie says:

    I am in LOVE with the couch under your Instagram pictures . . . would you care to share where you got it? Thanks!